Meet The Band

Moxie Barker has collected a group of wayward cirkies from across the land, now centralized in ambrosial Northern California. Each member of the Moxie Barker collective brings with them a beautiful depravity that is channeled through their musical prowess; their individual stories an offering to the whole. Moxie Barker will bring you tears with no cause, laughter with no ending. 

It's melody will soothe and smother, its carnal rhythms will overtake you and leave you questioning which side of the stage you belong. You will never feel such jubilance while bringing about the utter disappointment from your elders. 

Not to worry! 

No Issues Here! 

At Moxie Barker, you surrender your inhibitions for price of admission. So Tell us, will you be Moxie Barker's next attraction?

Keith Filson - Guitar, Vocals

Jon Shapiro - Keyboards, Vocals

Max - Guitar

Scott Dunbar - Bass, Vocals

Jeff Carter - Drums

Mike Rice - Flute/Saxophone